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    Definitely a bit of bad luck for CJ this season. The kid looked great over the summer. Fortunately, this isn’t the first time in his life that he has faced adversity, and it definitely won’t be the last. Whether or not he is able to return to the mat, he has already learned a lot of the lessons that wrestling has to offer. Sometimes, the better guy doesn’t win. Sometimes, you outwork everyone and it still isn’t enough. Sometimes, life just isn’t fair. Whatcha gonna do? Cry? Stop living? Nah. Keep pushing. Keep grinding. Come out a better man. The sun is going to rise. Tomorrow will happen no matter what. Keep your faith, hold your family close, and everything else will fall in place. Best of luck to everyone this season.
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    Calm down Bluesdad. Preseason rankings mean nothing. How about your kid wins a few high school matches before you get your panties in a wad about stupid rankings. Dont be one of those dads, it’s not cool
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    Does anyone know the 1st girls in Kentucky to become All Americans of a National Tournament in High School? The Miracle girls come to mind but I’m not sure if they placed/AA’d at national tournaments and if they were at Taylor County at the time. With all the girls we have completing now, I’m sure we are going to hear a lot about this great growth and their success. I’ll put ours on the list. Olivia Messerly at 103lbs in the HS Woman’s Super 32. Places 3rd with All American Honors. 1st for the Ryle Raider Program!!
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    The solution would be to continue with sectionals, but seed all 12 teams that qualify and use the criteria that was sent out to everyone (small school did not do that last night though). All sectionals were supposed to have been completed by Wednesday the 23rd so why is there even supposed to be a dual tonight between those two schools. If they did not complete it before Wednesday the 23rd it would go to criteria which would give the seed possibility to the undefeated Madison Central team. Now they will be unseeded and possibly have Christian County, St. X, Oldham County, Simon Kenton in pool play. Just because a team loses at sectionals does not mean they are not seedable at State Duals in my opinion. Especially when you have some hammer sections and some others that are very soft and weak. Something has to change.
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    Just curious... why the negativity toward JC. Nothing week about winning a duals meet. Personally I thought all the teams looked good. Ky wrestling is looking bright. And BTW, the tournament was well ran. Thank you to all the workers that helped put it on.
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    Spend today in New York with Ranger, Ryan, and Mason. We watched them wrestling at Cornell. Mason ended up with a second place finish and Ryan took 4th. Really proud of both the boys and their transition into college wrestling. We also watched Sean Fausz take a second place finish at the U23’s and Trent Johnson finish with a second place finish as well. Awesome to see KY boys make some noise at the next level. Good luck to all the Kentucky wrestlers as the season begins in the bluegrass state. Go kick some butt!!
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    Raney over condi vega over Gardner raney over trumble jenkins over Spaulding speaker over lampe messerly over powell bandfield over oliveros ross over herron vlach over beane botts over mayes connor over watts church over scauborough price over velasquez virzi over long lambert over brown MOW Raney (take ur pick)
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    Jason thanks again for your hard work. Some people don’t realize the time and effort you put into this. #earnednevergiven
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    During post season I had the privilege of coaching the MS National Dual Team. So I’ll focus on the freshman class. I agree with Dr Baker on his list. Some freshman that I think will make a run and are hungry. Levid Rodriquez from JC will be a beast to contend with the next 4 years, you’ll get to know his name! Kolby Koepp from McCracken is hard working and has a lot of talent. Jo-el Hatchett with St X has some raw talent and funk. He’ll be fun to watch. Issac Thorton will take Grant County back to state this year and should be on a mission. Although he wasn’t able to go with us, Blue Fletcher also with JC is a bull. Depending on where he falls in weight,will be interesting as he looks like he continues to get big. Spencer Moore fitting into WV line up,at most likely 106, will have a great freshman year. And, I may be bias but I also think Noah Duke and Cole Thomas from Ryle could have a solid year. All in all, we have so many great kids with talent throughout the state and these are just a few of the great freshman. Good luck to all of these young men and woman as they start another grind!!!
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    Huge congratulations to Olivia. That is an amazing accomplishment. I had the opportunity to watch her firsthand at the All Star Classic. Very impressive. I’m not sure who is/was the first high school All American for our ladies here in KY, but I know we are sure proud of Mequoia Bernabe here in Woodford County for becoming an All American this past year at Fargo. I am really excited about our future with womens wrestling in KY. Any time we are building the sport, we are heading in the right direction.
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    A lot of these girls have never met so some of the coaches more familiar with the majority need to weigh in on this. Regardless it will sort itself out on February 2. Kentucky should be proud of the girls in this state because we have hammers. Not all have had a chance to do a national event yet, but the ones that I have seen at major nationals represent well.
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    Don't blame the "woodshed" for his enormous appetite. Duke is a beast at any weight.
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    I was talking to his dad, I hear he loves to eat. His work in the woodshed didn’t pay off.
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    I do think that some parents are scared of the blemishes on trackwrestling if their “Lil Johnny” gets his rear end handed to him by an Ohio or Pennsylvania kid. You know they’re all about the stars on the track profile. I find it extremely interesting that some of our best wrestlers (ranked Kentucky kids) will compete on Sundays in YOUTH tournaments in Kentucky but will only be spectators in tough events like NUWAY’s tournament in Louisville. I literally spoke to one parent as to why his son (a ranked Kentucky wrestler) wasn’t representing Kentucky in the NUWAY event...his response “I didn’t want to pay for a NUWAY membership and a USA Wrestling card too.” REALLY??? It’s $17 for a NUWAY card man! Your kid would have been awesome to have compete against some of these PA kids. The NUWAY event’s spectator fee for adults was $25 ($31 for coaches - no NUWAY Card needed). For an extra $23, his wrestler and himself as the coach could have competed at this extremely competitive event. But no....I’m sure these type of parents will continue to bring Lil Johnny’s to all of our Sunday YOUTH events, dominate, and continue to stroke their ego instead of represent Kentucky Wrestling on a national platform AT A HOME-STATE EVENT!!! Shame on the parent, not the kid. In my opinion.
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    I just didn’t feel like paying $45 for another card (NUWAY) for my wrestler and then purchasing another coaches card cause my USAW card isn’t good enough and then entry fee and then I’m in it for about $150 for one tournament. Especially since I already have to pay all that for a USAW card for my wrestler to compete here in Kentucky.
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    The Good- Getting all these kids some good matches two weeks before regionals The Bad- The referees. Pretty terrible all day. From being to slow ( or lazy to bend over) to call pins quickly or to slow to call potentially dangerous or just seeming like they had never seen a wrestling match or understood the rules it was pretty bad. And before any body jumps me for criticizing them, yes I have done the job and understand it is difficult. the ugly - 18 teams and three mats. Four or 5 matches in 12 hours. Not the best way to grow our sport. At The middle school level it is really tough to have parents sit in the gym for 12 hours and watch the kids Wrestle four times.Even if we don’t lose the kids because of days like this we definitely lose the parents
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    Hope this helps, couple of views from WCI. 106lbs Chapman is real deal he handles a really tough Oliveras who has some quality wins under his belt. 113lbs Really stinks we didn't get to see Fowler wrestle in the finals. He looked great all day. Herron from NH is friggin tough and notches his 2nd consecutive win over Morgan. 120lbs Mattingly is still impressive, Herron now at 120 has a great tournament but struggles against the Senior. 126lbs Hoppes now at 126 has a great tournament and beat Wells in a barn burner and Peyton beats Villums pretty convincingly. Connor Dutton wrestling here, don't think he is making it to 106. 132lbs Yost over Merrit, best match of the night. Yost looked like he suffered a dislocated shoulder early and puts on a gutsy performance. Rider beats Garcia twice was impressive too. 138lbs Insko looked impressive over Pierce, looks like his cardio is getting better. Dylan Preston at 138, I will be quite surprised if that kids gets to 126, he is massive. 145lbs Conner looked good that kid is dangerous and Hudgins was mean as hell and battled back to take 3rd. 152lbs 2nd best match of the night, Giannone is really something has a great motor, never out of position and comes right after you. Andreoni's conditioning is not where it should be, but that should be fixed come February. 152 should be interesting come state. 160lbs Coleman wrestled well the whole tournament but ran into a brick in the finals against a WV kid. 170lbs Stevens looked great, pinned Fuller and won a tight one against GA kid. 182lbs Abren and Blanton was a fun match, Abren had a couple of opportunities to win it but Blanton had some great defense to win a close one. Blanton I think could have ran away with it if he pushed the pace the whole match. Mason Hall looking good too. 195lbs Orneleas over Deasal really wasn't a surprise, there were several weird stalling calls in this match. These two wrestle a lot like each other, just good defense and waiting for someone to make a mistake. 220lbs Bussell looked great and was heads above everyone else at the tournament. 285lbs Shelton looked like a man here, great handfighting, great positioning, really offensive for a heavyweight and has several top ten wins recently. Christian County had an excellent showing, gonna be a dangerous tournament team in February, McCracken as well, Woodford still hasn't put there full team out there yet due to injuries.
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    Some good matchups coming Saturday. 126- #2 Bacon vs#1 Miller vs Tenn #1 132- #1 Merritt vs #2Adams vs Tenn #2 145- #2 Carr vs Tenn #2 152- Alabama #2 vs #7 Russellburg 170- #1 Micah Ervin vs #2 Stevens 220- #1 Matthias Ervin vs #3 Bussell Looking like Western Ky vs West Tenn.
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    Ok here is my first attempt at the new rankings. Since I am taking this over mid-season I made some adjustments based on what I could find over the last couple weeks. As we move forward and with a little input from some of you guys we can try to get this more accurate before regionals. If you feel I need to look a little closer at a specific kid based on results you know send them to mcatky@gmail.com and I will do the research and factor that in. Still looking for any volunteers for any specific weight classes you may be interested in studying closer. 12-16 Rankings.pdf Thanks, Mike Harrod
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    These forums were getting boring without Mr. Myers anyways.
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    Blues Dad asked a simple question. No need to get all fired up on either side. He seems to be a humble parent. He never said, " my kid is number 1!!!, and he can beat all y'all!!!" Lol. The rankings will change quite a bit once the regular season gets rolling.
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    Splitting time between FS and folk currently. Wrestling for USA in U23 world's November 17-18 61kg.
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    Olivia Messerly 7-1 Third Place All American at Super 32