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    pissing matches are pointless but one guy is touting middle school tournament wins from more than a decade ago and the other is posting pictures of Silver medal at the World Championships from last year. call the match!! this is a knockout.
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    Nice article including results for Konner Kraeszig at the Black Knight Invitational. https://www.centredaily.com/sports/college/penn-state-university/psu-wrestling/article237459309.html
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    Everyone, The first rankings will come out Wednesday. If anyone has information to contribute to the rankings please send a private messages. Also, any information from out in the state, Southwest, southeast Kentucky would be appreciated. thanks
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    Fausz > Myers x 2
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    Not trying to have a pissing match. I've sat back biting my tongue for years while Sean was still in school reading a lot of incorrect info. Just pointing it out and now I'm done because you're right it's useless. I'd still like to see that career pin total though.
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    Guess I do have to post them.
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    Everyone, Thank you to all who have messaged me about ranking kids from across the state. It is difficult to get information if events or duels are not on trackwrestling so any information helps. Rankings should be considered something that is fun and for the kids, often times it can be like splitting hairs trying to decide who goes where. As you all know the rankings will change many times throughout the year and you never know what will happen. Keep sending private messages with updates and information on tournaments especially those not on track. Once again, keep it positive and thanks. Matt Brown Rankings 11.13.19.pdf
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    Small schools have always wrestled the big schools as far as I know none have backed down from a challenge. This year Union, Tilghman and Walton Verona should compete with the best big schools.
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    Cincinnati Walnut Hills junior high has a full team this year and we are looking for events in January contact me @eljunwatson@yahoo.com
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    Successful college career >>>> successful high school career
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    Coaches limited his weigh ins his last two years so didn't wrestle every dual. Sean had 237 wins just 9-12 grade and 285 8-12. I thought Austin only had 189. All jabbing aside, truly wish him the best the rest of his career. Got one of these?
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    Do you already have the results from Anderson County tournament on 11/2 and KWOA 11/9. We can probably scrounge up some results from Scott County Dual if you need those.
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    I disagree with you GOO. Region 1 teams weren’t complaining.... not too long ago it was two small schools going to state duals from region 1 when it was 1 division. We got our butts handed to us by JC and other large schools. Not one complaint about it from coaches or kids. the small school split actually was when union won the duals and larue won it the year prior. Personally, I am for whatever grows wrestling KY. So the split made sense to grow the sport, but I was against it because I personally liked wrestling the larger schools. But I can set aside personal opinions for growing the sport in KY. I do think large/small winners should wrestle. You’re there and why not test yourselves against the best. I had no issue with JC not wrestling Union last yr as it was my understanding they were banged up pretty good. Gotta do what’s best for your team, but if health isn’t an issue, then wrestle. just my opinion which isn’t worth much.
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    I would like to see him make a Olympic run at 97kg. And avenge his loss to Capt. America
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    Missouri wrestled two duals last night against a D2 and NAIA school. Missouri used two different heavyweights. Austin was neither. He's definitely got those accomplishments on a template. Simple copy paste. We talking about stuff 5 and 6 years old. Half a decade.
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    There you go again throwing shade like always. I've never had a negative thing to say about your boys and never will because I actually like and respect them. If I remember correctly, I drove them to VA Beach 3 years in a row. It must be exhausting!
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    How often are new rankings going to come out?
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    What do I need to do to get it locked or deleted?
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    Ranger I agree well said I felt the refs(wrestlers) did very good today. It was great watching coaches letting the kids wrestle having fun and realizing that losing a match when you're 7yrs old is not the end of the world. Hats off to the coaches for being the leaders and mentors they should be.
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    Ah just shut up already. He isn’t even the best kid from his high school team. He isn’t even the best Hwt from Kentucky in college right now. He hasn’t done anything of note in college and didn't even wrestle the Illinois dual. He may yet raise his game and accomplish something but it has been a huge disappointment thus far in college.
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    A few other teams are bringing a few girls also. Should be fun
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    hope to see lots of Austin on the mat this season.
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    I don't disagree with that point of view at all. I'm looking forward to a dual against Tilghman on Jan 17th.
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    Everyone, I wanted to take a minute to thank Chris Duke and Mike Harrod for taking the time to create middle school rankings for the state of Kentucky. After volunteering to keep them going, several of us from the Oldham County area have realized the amount of time to research and create the rankings is no small task. The rankings should serve as a fun opportunity for the kids to receive some recognition throughout the wrestling season. We completely understand that some kids will change weights, move weight classes, wrestle for high school teams, this upcoming season. Please share results, match into, etc. via email throughout the season and we as a group will update the rankings accordingly. We were able to throw together a top 5/6ish list for all classes from 70-105. Classes 113 and above become challenging considering many in the upper weight classes were 8th graders. So, for classes 113 and above there is a listing of kids in various weights that we can eventually put in order when the tournaments begin. We hope to gather information from across the state via email for tournaments and duals(duels) that are not on trackwrestling for the upcoming season. If you would like to share information please email Matt Brown at mbrown8378@gmail.com or Brent Dunn at williambrentdunn@att.net. We will try to add a team ranking component as we get into the season. Please remember we are doing the best we can and want to provide recognition to the kids and want to be as unbiased as possible. I know everyone is chomping at the bit to get started and here's to a great 2019.20 wrestling season. Thanks Matt Brown Preseason Rankings 2019.pdf
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    Maybe make up for it with bad ass medals and singlets?