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    Thank You! I want to publicly thank the Kentucky Coaches Wrestling Association (KYWCA) for their generous donation to help Jordyn and Jayden travel to Amman Jordan for the world championships this year. The KYWCA is an organization made up a professional men and women that are taking wrestling in the state of Kentucky to the next level! Thank You!
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    Jayden and Jordyn just got back from 21 days of training at the Olympic training Center. we are excited to put on a great camp for all the Kentucky wrestlers. This camp will be a Folkstyle camp, but anyone interested in getting a freestyle/Greco feel we will make every effort to show you the international styles. This will be a great camp and a way any wrestler or parent can help support and grow wrestling in the State of KY. Jayden and Jordyn are Proud to be from KY please help them make KY proud!