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    An even worse thing would be to not have youth/ms state at all.
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    100% agreed. We all love this sport so much that we would love to see it grow and these kids receive the same recognition as other neighboring states. But our numbers are what they are for the moment so we should focus on quality wherever it’s at. No reason at all with a free venue we can’t have large cardboard brackets, singlets for finals, large medals, spot lights, music and excitement!!! As far as the youth state, put a large thoroughbred trophy out there like any Way does with the Eagle trophy and they will drive the distance to win. Parents want value and something to show for it. Also I’ve always believed that we should find a way to financially support the champions to be able to travel and represent Kentucky on the National Dual Teams. With a free venue maybe this could help!!
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    I have to disagree with you here Bulldog ole buddy. This is exactly where all the people that love this sport can come and give their insight. It’s just that, an insight or opinion, thought or feeling. This exact forum is where we came to the realization we needed to start with 3 different divisions for youth to allow small, middle and big schools all have a chance to win team championships. Matt Lee and I had the pleasure to start that years ago and it seems to be a success. Same thing with the 16 man brackets and the weight classes vs 10% rule. Everyone on this sight loves this sport and Kentucky wrestling specifically. The previous admin did a great job with a lot of things for this sport just like the admins before them. We all did it for the same pay!!! The same as your collecting now!! It’s for the love of these kids and sport!!
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    So if I read this correctly, a vote was made (and passed) last fall to change the dates of the MS and Youth tournaments, without there being a venue contract/proposal in place for said new dates?
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    Hopefully they sign up today as we will likely sell out today.
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    Woodford is sending a group. Preston, Ornelas, Brooks, Andreoni, Dutton, Pittman, Kartner, Littrell and hopefully a few more.
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    It's set and done for this year, we all just need to get behind it. Frankly, the contenders are going to travel no matter where its at because they usually travel much further for tournaments anyway. Don't kids and parents travel all over the place for baseball, basketball, football, etc. etc. Take a look at the arena, this place is very nice https://www.appalachianwirelessarena.com/highlights. I was never a fan of nasty Broadbent anyway: can't come and go, no food options, filthy. From a facility perspective this place is much better.
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    Reschedule it for a place that isn’t so far removed from 95% of the participants who won’t go to Pikeville. Cincy is a better option. Indianapolis is a better option. This is a very bad thing for the sport in Kentucky and everyone knows it.
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    Isn't Invicta across the river in New Albany?
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    There are 100's of people that read these posts and want to know whats going on and some are more than willing to help. Only a handful are on that coaching email list. I think that for every 1 person that bitches and moans, there are 5 that will help fix the problem.
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    Agreed. In order to continue to grow the sport, it’s important to hear the opinions from the non coaches/parents/fans. Doesn’t mean you have to do everything that group wants, but it’s certainly important to know what they are thinking, especially if there are issues that the board doesn’t know about. How can you look out for the best interests of your constituents if you don’t know how they feel?
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    Good times, we did so much considering the financial constraints we had at the time.
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    Hello, My name is Isaac Knable, I coach at St. Xavier High School in Louisville and also at Invicta Wrestling Academy In southern Indiana if you have interests in Coaching please get a hold of me. Thanks Isaac Knable 502-639-4989 Invictawrestling@gmail.com
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    Cradle Camp October 12-13, 2019 9:00am – 2:00pm $100 40 Spots Available Cradle Camp specializes and focuses solely on cradle positions. The Cradle Camp goal is to teach students a “Cradle System” that they can easily incorporate into their own personal style. The “Cradle System” focuses on set-ups, finishes, and offensive/defensive strategies for inside and outside cradles. Wrestlers should have drinks, extra clothes, lunch (unless they are leaving for lunch), and a knee pad, mouthpiece and headgear. The camp will be held at Invicta Wrestling Academy: 50 Vincennes St. New Albany, IN 47150 Schedule 9:00 – 11:00 Technique/drill/spar/live 11:00 – 12:00: Lunch(not provided) 12:00 – 2:00: Technique/drill/spar/live Click Here To Register Isaac Knable
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    Didn't realize things had changed. I guess the last time I really paid attention was 2016 (the year before the tourney moved to Broadbent), when one of the kids I coached made the finals, and I know for a fact that he did get a singlet (he wore it in the finals match). Back then, large medals, bracket boards, and singlets were standard practice. I can't really speak for the last 3 years.
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    I was very worried this program would die without Adam. Good luck Zach, I’m happy to count you among the coaching ranks
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    Pikeville is closer to Charleston, SC than it is a third of the state of Ky.
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    That’s absurd. Of course if you don’t book an arena before hand it probably won’t be available. To say the only option is in a far away town in the edge of the most remote part of the state is just making excuses. People screw up. No big deal. Just own it.
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    Saw this on FB. Couldn't keep him away from the wrestling world too long. Congrats buddy!
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    Hello everyone, my name is Coach Ramos. This past year we just got approved for a wrestling program here at Lynn Camp high school. We are located in Knox County (ky). My program is currently looking for cheap or old mats that anyone or ay school might have for sale. Other than that pointing me in the right direction for some would also be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to a great upcoming season and to be apart of Region 7. Best of luck to everyone, Coach Ramos
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    I would call that a fair assumption but what is more important here is the understanding that we as a whole need to make the most of the situation because it beats the alternative. Like I said before, it beats canceling.
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    Add in another state champ- Dalton Russellburg, as well as Carter Messerly and Zane Drury. That make a state champ in half of the classes. Gonna be a tough tourney.
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    We have officially launched Blue Raider Wrestling Club. We will tailor all work towards your request, but will specialize in Freestyle/Greco after the Folkstyle season. This is in effort to provide a regional location to any and all wrestlers wishing to develop and level up. College partners and coaches will always be provided. This is also in great effort to support the growth of Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling in our state, which is drastically needed. My contact info can be found on the new website, I am more than happy to answer any questions via text/call/email. www.blueraiderwrestlingclub.com
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    This whole story is intriguing. When in the history of amateur sports has almost a complete team hopped up and moved? It's just wild. Even wilder is that they could be a top 5 team.
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    More names popping up: Spencer Moore, Jake Insko, Zac Cowan, Tony Ornelas. and Ryan Martin.