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    Myers tap out vs Snyder (score was 20-6 at time of pin)
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    Thank you for saying nice things about Ashley Courtney. She didnt placed at the middle school. 2 loss won 1. But she bounced back at Youth winning 3 matches and 1 loss. And placed second.
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    Hi wrestle dad....wink! Courtney Pittman of Anderson County is an awesome wrestler.Love to watch her wrestle!
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    Congratulations to Lexi,I heard she did really good at Districts.I am Courtney Pittman's mom of Anderson County Mustang's.I am so proud of these girls in this sport.
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    My daughter wrestles for Anderson County and is having a very good year. She is 20-10 for the year. She normally wrestles 113 but has been wrestling 121. We are new, as this is only our second year in wrestling. I am very proud of my daughter and enjoy seeing other females in the sport. Even in our second year, I am glad to see more females than last year. I feel that parents of females are on a different tier, as our girls have to prove themselves against, what might be an uneven platform, males that at times are twice their size. I am hoping to connect with other parents of females in the wrestling "art".
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    Hello Ranger123, I posted a topic about rankings, if you get a chance could you read it. My son is Noah Greenwell, he is a sophomore at Fairdale HS. He is having a great season a would hope you would consider him when your new rankings come in. Love your site and the sport. Thanks Terry Greenwell