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    This is fairly simple. Regional events held as normal. Top 4 from each region move to a district tournament. 2 regions per district 1vs.2 and so on. This makes an 8 man bracket per weight class per district, with 4 districts advancing top 4 to state for a 16 man bracket at State tournament. This doesn't get 32 wrestlers per weight class to the state tournament. But it does come very close to getting the correct 16 to the State tournament. With restrictions being what they are, 32 is not a realistic accomplishment. This adds 1 weekend to post season that is much more manageable. Just my 2 cents.
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    Have regions normally. semi state can be regions 1-4 and 5-8. 16 man brackets at semi state (4 from each region). Top 8 go to state.
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    Create a semi state. Top 4 from two regions wrestle for 4 spots. Match regions up by # of entrants. Region with the most wrestlers pairs up with the region that has the least competitors. Host is whatever school has the largest facility. So if region 1 has the most wrestlers and region 3 has the least (just as an example) then they create one semi state. Then the 2nd biggest region and the second smallest region wrestle. So on and so forth. 8 man brackets for semi state to get to a 16 man bracket at state. The kids still get to be “state qualifiers”. They still get the opportunity to advance. Pairing the regions like that isn’t perfect but it seems like a good way of leveling the playing field. Some kids would have an easier region but then a tougher semi state. Others would be harder at regions but then face a thinner region at semi state. just a thought. I