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    Wrestle Offs happened Thursday here is a link for the replay BU Knights Sports Network Couple things of note from this. Hoskins looked great. Beck took a loss to Hendricks in OT. Tobia beat Caudell at Heavyweight though they had it listed as 184. Grimes looked terrible at 197 Projected Lineup according to my neighbors son. 125 Lucas 133 Yost 149 Collica (was positive so him and Hoskins will wrestle off after Christmas Break) 157 Rhine 165 Hendricks 174 Beck 184 Tobia (wrestle offs between him, Schrader and Wolff did not happen due to the later two testing positive for Covid) 197 Schroder HWT Caudell (sounds like Tobia may get a few matches here as well)
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    Hoskins impressed me, Tobia impressed me (that 184 match was really the heavyweight match I heard) Hendricks really impressed me with his win over Beck. I thought Beck would win that for sure. It will be interesting to see all the pieces put together.