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    PFP 1) Spencer Moore- nationally ranked, AA 2) Matthias Ervin- Multi time AA 3) Micah Ervin- multi time AA 4) Payne Carr- multi time AA, Greco AA 5)Thomas Deck- 2 time state champ
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    I would like to return to the topic of P4P best wrestler on the last rankings updated and i was shocked that no one even brought up Jakerrion Merrits or Dalton Russelburgs name up more. Those 2 to me are easily top 5 P4P and have a case to be the best P4P. At least that's just how i feel. Obviously you have your Spencer Moore's, Cole Thomas's, Deck, the Ervin's, etc. but Jakerrion and Dalton should be right up there with those guys no question in my opinion
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    I got Union. But I wouldn't count Paducah out. Should be a good one
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    We only seed the 5 regional champs, the 2nd through 4th placers all fall in line based on how their corresponding regional champion gets placed. So for instance region 1 may have the #1 champ, and it can sorta screw over the bracket if region 5 has the second best champ, but is stacked at 2nd-4th with contenders I personally know of one bracket that has 4 solid contenders, while another region doesn't have a single strong contender. But I understand why we do this. It keeps seeding quick and easy without a lot of fighting, and keeps regional #1's and #2's on opposite sides of the brackets. Personally I'd rather seed top 8 overall and random draw the rest.
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    I know this is not common but at our school we don't have a booster nor are we allowed to fundraise. However our admission fees are low along with our entry fee at our tourney. We are just trying to cover the cost of officials with the team entry fee. That way door and concessions are a plus. Team entry fees are also getting out of hand, especially at the middle school and Youth. Our school has already denied us to go to several middle school/youth tourneys this year because of cost. When a middle school tourney cost $200 a team plus $10 a kid that gets out of hand. They complain because they already shelled out money for a USA card for all the kids, now they have to pay excessive fees for the team to enter the tourney. I'm not that informed about the fan door fee. Something has to give, huge fees along with long tourneys don't add up to good publicity for the fans. What is needed is smaller tourneys 8-10 teams (so the event can be over between 5-6) and smaller cost all around so that fans can enjoy the experience instead of being there all day and having to spend a small fortune. Keeping tourneys to less than 8 hours team entry fees below $200, and having a family of 4 spend less than $50 would be ideal.
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    I've known Ranger for a very long time. I remember coaching when he was an ity bitty kid at Harrison Co. He puts way too much time for the grief he gets. He does it because it sparks interest in wrestling and keeps it on the minds of the fans. As a fan I appreciate the effort and information that can be gotten from his hard work. As a coach I'm not a huge fan of rankings. I usually only tell Ranger about the negatives on my wrestlers so they can move down the rankings. I find it much more motivating when a kid is ranked lower than he believes he should be. Makes him work harder to get noticed. In the end Ranger does more work on these ranking than many people do at their "real" job.
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    To call a kid that is 15 1/2 a middle school wrestler is a stretch. The rule that allows a kid that age to wrestle in middle school is terrible and needs to be corrected. Most people are sophomores at his age.