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    Kentucky Junior Freestyle 120 – Morgan Sallee 126 – Jarrett Sanders 145 – Payne Carr 152 – Nathaniel Wheeler 182 – Kristopher Fink 195 – Logan Deasel, Jesus Avila Junior Greco-Roman 120 – Morgan Sallee 126 – Jarrett Sanders 145 – Payne Carr 152 – Nathaniel Wheeler 160 – Triston Brooks 182 – Kristopher Fink 195 – Logan Deasel, Jesus Avila Junior Women 100 – Ashley Courtney 106 – Jaine Stephens 112 – Destiny Eldridge 122 – Savanna Bacon 132 – Kaylen Escaloni 138 – Zoey Smith, Hannah McDonald, Carly O’Neil 144 – Courtney Pittman 152 – Hannah Thompson 16U Freestyle 113 – Donnie Stephens 138 – Malachi Rider 152 – Brayden Giannone 170 – Seth Slayton 16U Greco-Roman 113 – Donnie Stephens 138 – Malachi Rider 170 – Seth Slayton 16U Women 100 – Ashley Courtney 132 – Kaylen Escaloni 138 – Zoey Smith, Hannah McDonald 152 – Hannah Thompson 2018 16U All-Americans: Triston Brooks (GR)
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    Bold prediction. 9 high school Finalists? 5 Middle school finalists?
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    A beautiful part of the country to be in, not to mention a prestigious military school. Good luck boys!
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    My college coach is now the head assistant are West Point. We regularly talk about kids from KY and I am looking forward to seeing many more Kentucky wrestlers hopefully at the division 1 level and all other divisions in the near future!
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    When I called and talked to Mike Barren about when they (KHSAA) was planning on posting the wrestling finals his response was I don't remember if it was recorded. He then had to ask someone else in the office if it was recorded. Then he explained that a group I'm not sure of the initials FHSA or something like that records sports around the state and that there was a subscription cost of 10.00 to view it and that they felt it wouldn't generate enough revenue so they didn't record it. So The representative for wrestling at the KHSAA didn't know if the finals were recorded. These are the same people that won't seed the state tournament. Now we use Track through out the year so the tournament could be seeded fairly easy and streamed at each table through out the tournament and the finals. This past state meet they had to almost beg to go down to one mat for the finals. I was told they had a time schedule to keep and going down to one mat would slow that down and keep them from getting finished and out of the arena on time. If you remember the year before the officials had to roll up the mats at the end of the tournament now that took about 45 minutes to an hour. This year the coaches rolled all the mats up but one for the finals in ten minutes which theoretically would get them out earlier and made the finals better. My point is there is logical realistic way to improve the state meet making it a better experience for everyone involved. An example of how contradictory they are funds were raised to the have medals made and to purchase brackets that represent the work the boys put in rather than the bus token the KHSAA gives out. The KHSAA said they couldn't give them out on the podium so this last year they were made into plaques. The reason was that it wouldn't be fair to other sports that don't have the revenue to do that. So if their goal is everyone gets the same thing why are the basketball and football tournaments seeded and recorded. If we can't have someone at the KHSAA that has this sports best interest in mind. We can at least let them know what changes we are looking for as a group. Now I don't know how to do this but I think an online petition needs to be started with the changes that need to occur (seeding, video, location ect.). Having coaches parent ect. sighing it would have a stronger impact than one call hear and there. There is strength in numbers.
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    This year’s Champ Camp will be one you won’t want to miss. We’re bringing in Johnny Papesh and Jacob Murton to lead the one-day camp! Expect to learn some great technique you’ll be able to add to your bag of tricks. Intense, hard drilling mixed with live wrestling. Lunch will be provided. Johnny Papesh - 4x Ohio State Placer, 2011 NAIA Runner-Up, 2x All-American at Campbellsville University Johnny is the head coach at Aurora HS (Ohio). His team finished 2nd this year to St. Paris Graham. Jacob Murton - 3x KY State Champ, Tournament MOW, NAIA All-American at Campbellsville University, Assistant Coach at Campbellsville University, Coached 7 All-Americans, Coached 2 National Finalist, Coached 1 National Champion Plan on attending the camp... contact Coach Dee Leavell - dleavell053@gmail.com
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    I just want to say Thanks to the wrestling community!... I was very surprised at how many teams in Kentucky, this off season. Would open up their gym to us! The off season is where you get better. I have learned that Kentucky looks out for their wrestlers!!!!! Just a BIG shout out to all the teams and clubs that worked hard all summer and helped make kids better.. Good stuff! Its not over.. Gotta little time left.. Take advantage of this time! #Kentucky #Wrestling #300!
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    I do Belive this applies here.
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    I predict Union will have their best team, points wise at state this next season. I also predict them to win the Mater Dei Holiday Classic if they have a healthy team for once. Some interesting developments in the middle school world there in Morganfield as well.
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    Nice to see Jordan Bates join the West Point tradition. Looks like Coach Ward is paying attention to KY wrestlers. Rumor has it that another Ky wrestler might be attending West Point next year.
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    Agreed, always love to see KY kids staying in state. It can be hard for schools to pull in a lot of KY kids just because of all the options. I think there are 108 high schools with wrestling in KY now, with so many colleges in state trying to pull in the talent, not to mention the out of state schools pulling kids. Bellarmine Cumberlands Lindsey Wilson Campbellsville Kentucky Wesleyan Midway Thomas More
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    We do have to acknowledge that Mike Barren doesn't really care about our sport
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    With Trackwrestling, there is no need to get a media company involved at all. They are already paying to use track to run the tourney. All they need is to buy a dozen video cams (you need backups) to attach to the scoring computers and the infrastructure is done. Sell subscriptions to the event, get a few sponsors involved and they are guaranteed to make money off streaming the event. I know I've heard the wifi at the Horsepark isn't cheap, but even with that cost, I don't see how the KHSAA can't make steaming the event a positive revenue generator.
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    Lots of news from the Paducah area. Wild off-season down there.
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    Paducah Tilghman has a coach- Seth Livingston.
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    I just want to thank the KY Wrestling community for the amazing support for 2019 FCA Camp. It was a huge success. Special thank also to Rusty Parks for making it happen, Steve Jude , Scotty Teater, Corey Ruff, Myron Bradbury, the Entire Carr family, Sr, Jr, Nate and David, Josh Johnson, Jim Greuwald , Mike McAthur, the Lindsey Wilson Wrestlers and especially all the coaches who took time out of their lives to change the life of their wrestlers. God was definitely at work!!! Such a blessing to watch it happen. We were already in the process of planning next year before this camp was half way over. Thanks again to all involved!! God Bless KY Wrestling!!!!
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    Right here. Watching a lot of international stuff along with preparing for final X. How's austin. Expected to see him at the Wtt?
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    Robinson ,Chakonis,Brinson,Butterbrodt.Ready,Schults, All multi x state HS champs and AAs who lost to Austin ...No KY wrestler has ever beaten a group like that and they range from fr through sr yr and there many many more on their level and a few as good or better ....now rather than deny or knock why dont you simply compare ....oh yeah that's right you cant ...is that group weak comp ?????did Austin winning over half his HS regular season matches in Ohio not make it clear to you it didnt matter where or what state he wrestled in.