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2013 KHSAA State Championships

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Team Scores

1. St. Xavier 203.5

2. Campbell County 193.0

3. Union County 176.0

4. Woodford County 134.5

5. Simon Kenton 134.0

6. Trinity (Louisville) 120.0

7. Ryle 106.0

8. Oldham County 99.5

9. LaRue County 99.0

10. Henry Clay 85.0

11. Moore 84.0

12. Southern 76.0

13. Wayne County 70.0

14. Christian County 67.0

14. Johnson Central 67.0

16. John Hardin 64.0

16. Walton-Verona 64.0

18. Meade County 62.0

19. Franklin County 59.5

20. Fern Creek 54.5

21. Central Hardin 46.5

22. Madison Central 44.0

23. Lafayette 43.5

24. Montgomery County 43.0

25. Dixie Heights 41.5

26. Fairdale 37.0

26. North Hardin 37.0

28. Pleasure Ridge Park 36.0

29. Fort Campbell 34.5

30. Ohio County 28.5

31. Ashland Blazer 28.0

32. Scott 25.0

33. North Oldham 23.0

33. Trigg County 23.0

35. Caldwell County 21.0

36. Eastern 20.0

37. Conner 19.0

38. Anderson County 17.0

39. Bourbon County 16.0

39. Bullitt Central 16.0

39. Danville 16.0

39. DeSales 16.0

39. Grant County 16.0

39. Paducah Tilghman 16.0

45. McCreary Central 15.5

46. University Heights 15.0

47. Doss 13.0

47. Sheldon Clark 13.0

47. Whitley County 13.0

50. Boone County 12.0

50. Central 12.0

50. Hopkinsville 12.0

53. Apollo 11.5

54. Boyle County 11.0

54. Nelson County 11.0

56. Jeffersontown 10.0

56. South Oldham 10.0

58. Barren County 8.0

58. Calloway County 8.0

58. Holy Cross (Louisville) 8.0

58. North Bullitt 8.0

62. Iroquois 7.0

62. Tates Creek 7.0

64. Bryan Station 6.0

64. Cooper 6.0

64. Pike County Central 6.0

64. Spencer County 6.0

64. Western Hills 6.0

69. Fort Knox 5.0

69. Male 5.0

71. Taylor County 4.0

72. Belfry 3.0

72. East Ridge 3.0

72. Seneca 3.0

75. Newport 2.0

76. DuPont Manual 1.0

77. Atherton 0.0

77. Davies County 0.0

77. Graves County 0.0

77. Harrison County 0.0

77. Perry County Central 0.0

Tournament Results

106 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Jorge Vega of Fern Creek

2nd Place - Trevor Lawson of Woodford County

3rd Place - A.j. Bindner of St. Xavier

4th Place - Joey Scaggs of Dixie Heights

5th Place - David Hernandez of Henry Clay

6th Place - Jake Burroughs of North Hardin

7th Place - Bryce Sheffer of Union County

8th Place - Travon Thacker of Hopkinsville

1st Place Match

Jorge Vega (Fern Creek) 47-5, So. over Trevor Lawson (Woodford County) 46-6, 7th. (Dec 3-1).

3rd Place Match

A.j. Bindner (St. Xavier) 30-8, Fr. over Joey Scaggs (Dixie Heights) 42-3, So. (Dec 4-0).

5th Place Match

David Hernandez (Henry Clay) 33-10, Jr. over Jake Burroughs (North Hardin) 49-3, So. (I-D 0:00).

7th Place Match

Bryce Sheffer (Union County) 33-11, 8th. over Travon Thacker (Hopkinsville) 29-4, Sr. (FF).

113 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Nathan Boston of Woodford County

2nd Place - John Hernandez of Henry Clay

3rd Place - Chris Beeler of Meade County

4th Place - Brady Emerson of Oldham County

5th Place - Robbie Dezember of Union County

6th Place - Stephen Maggard of Campbell County

7th Place - Jerimiah Kline of Trigg County

8th Place - Lucas Mccain of Boyle County

1st Place Match

Nathan Boston (Woodford County) 51-0, Jr. over John Hernandez (Henry Clay) 35-9, Jr. (Pin 3:45).

3rd Place Match

Chris Beeler (Meade County) 37-6, So. over Brady Emerson (Oldham County) 43-5, Fr. (Dec 4-2).

5th Place Match

Robbie Dezember (Union County) 39-10, Jr. over Stephen Maggard (Campbell County) 33-21, Jr. (Maj 11-0).

7th Place Match

Jerimiah Kline (Trigg County) 7-3, Fr. over Lucas Mccain (Boyle County) 40-11, So. (Pin 4:15).

120 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Trae Blackwell of Union County

2nd Place - Caleb Austin of Christian County

3rd Place - Michael Whalen of Henry Clay

4th Place - Gus Adams of Ryle

5th Place - Bobby Poynter of Moore

6th Place - Elijah Owens of Simon Kenton

7th Place - Keegan Duncan of Trinity (Louisville)

8th Place - Max Korfhage of St. Xavier

1st Place Match

Trae Blackwell (Union County) 35-3, Jr. over Caleb Austin (Christian County) 28-5, So. (Dec 10-4).

3rd Place Match

Michael Whalen (Henry Clay) 45-3, Jr. over Gus Adams (Ryle) 51-6, Sr. (Dec 3-1).

5th Place Match

Bobby Poynter (Moore) 7-3, So. over Elijah Owens (Simon Kenton) 23-10, So. (Dec 8-4).

7th Place Match

Keegan Duncan (Trinity (Louisville)) 45-7, Fr. over Max Korfhage (St. Xavier) 16-8, Jr. (Dec 7-2).

126 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Brock Ervin of Union County

2nd Place - Joey Parrott of Simon Kenton

3rd Place - John Shirkey of Oldham County

4th Place - Hudson Heidorf of Trinity (Louisville)

5th Place - Trea Wills of North Hardin

6th Place - Angel Vasquez of Lafayette

7th Place - Brian Crawley of Southern

8th Place - Nathan Haddad of St. Xavier

1st Place Match

Brock Ervin (Union County) 46-2, Jr. over Joey Parrott (Simon Kenton) 46-5, Sr. (Maj 19-7).

3rd Place Match

John Shirkey (Oldham County) 34-5, So. over Hudson Heidorf (Trinity (Louisville)) 38-11, Fr. (Dec 5-2).

5th Place Match

Trea Wills (North Hardin) 40-3, Sr. over Angel Vasquez (Lafayette) 37-10, Fr. (OT 6-4).

7th Place Match

Brian Crawley (Southern) 39-5, Sr. over Nathan Haddad (St. Xavier) 19-9, So. (Pin 3:53).

132 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Sean Fausz of Campbell County

2nd Place - Kyle Lawson of Woodford County

3rd Place - Connor Wilkerson of Oldham County

4th Place - Roderick Agyeman of Franklin County

5th Place - Wyatt Overman of Central Hardin

6th Place - Chris Gilkey of Caldwell County

7th Place - Gabe Ervin of Union County

8th Place - Dylan West of LaRue County

1st Place Match

Sean Fausz (Campbell County) 62-0, Jr. over Kyle Lawson (Woodford County) 47-2, 8th. (Dec 8-5).

3rd Place Match

Connor Wilkerson (Oldham County) 55-3, Jr. over Roderick Agyeman (Franklin County) 39-7, Sr. (Dec 1-0).

5th Place Match

Wyatt Overman (Central Hardin) 41-9, Sr. over Chris Gilkey (Caldwell County) 49-6, Jr. (Dec 7-0).

7th Place Match

Gabe Ervin (Union County) 45-10, Sr. over Dylan West (LaRue County) 49-7, Fr. (Dec 12-7).

138 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Paul Hamilton of Campbell County

2nd Place - Jayce Carr of Union County

3rd Place - Raymundo Perez of LaRue County

4th Place - David Sahms of Fort Campbell

5th Place - Ian Kahl of Trinity (Louisville)

6th Place - Jake Sander of Ryle

7th Place - Max Andreoni of Woodford County

8th Place - Pedro Ruiz of Wayne County

1st Place Match

Paul Hamilton (Campbell County) 44-6, Sr. over Jayce Carr (Union County) 41-5, Sr. (Dec 5-1).

3rd Place Match

Raymundo Perez (LaRue County) 51-6, Jr. over David Sahms (Fort Campbell) 50-6, Sr. (Dec 9-3).

5th Place Match

Ian Kahl (Trinity (Louisville)) 46-6, Jr. over Jake Sander (Ryle) 44-18, Sr. (I-D 0:00).

7th Place Match

Max Andreoni (Woodford County) 21-14, 8th. over Pedro Ruiz (Wayne County) 49-6, Sr. (OT 4-2).

145 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Justin Lampe of St. Xavier

2nd Place - Tevon Clay of Franklin County

3rd Place - Dakorian Polley of Christian County

4th Place - Austin Jackson of Dixie Heights

5th Place - Alvaro Aguilar of Pleasure Ridge Park

6th Place - Corbin Woods of Campbell County

7th Place - Jon Belk of Ryle

8th Place - Andrew Lee of Central Hardin

1st Place Match

Justin Lampe (St. Xavier) 48-0, Jr. over Tevon Clay (Franklin County) 49-2, Sr. (Maj 14-6).

3rd Place Match

Dakorian Polley (Christian County) 26-3, Sr. over Austin Jackson (Dixie Heights) 42-7, Jr. (Dec 5-3).

5th Place Match

Alvaro Aguilar (Pleasure Ridge Park) 52-6, Sr. over Corbin Woods (Campbell County) 38-10, Sr. (Dec 4-3).

7th Place Match

Jon Belk (Ryle) 41-14, So. over Andrew Lee (Central Hardin) 43-12, Sr. (Pin 4:48).

152 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Kevin Cooper of Simon Kenton

2nd Place - Dominic Lampe of St. Xavier

3rd Place - Logan Jones of Walton-Verona

4th Place - Jordan Doyle of Woodford County

5th Place - Nick Mcintosh of Oldham County

6th Place - Clayton Smith of Trinity (Louisville)

7th Place - Chad Gahafer of Union County

8th Place - Kenneth Sells of Christian County

1st Place Match

Kevin Cooper (Simon Kenton) 48-5, Sr. over Dominic Lampe (St. Xavier) 42-6, So. (Maj 10-0).

3rd Place Match

Logan Jones (Walton-Verona) 47-9, Jr. over Jordan Doyle (Woodford County) 39-9, Sr. (2-OT 7-6).

5th Place Match

Nick Mcintosh (Oldham County) 38-6, Sr. over Clayton Smith (Trinity (Louisville)) 37-17, Sr. (Dec 6-3).

7th Place Match

Chad Gahafer (Union County) 43-11, Jr. over Kenneth Sells (Christian County) 47-20, So. (TF 15-0).

160 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Gabriel French of St. Xavier

2nd Place - Stephen Myers of Campbell County

3rd Place - Gabe Mcilrath of Montgomery County

4th Place - Wyatt Courtney of Woodford County

5th Place - Cameron Montgomery of University Heights

6th Place - Jimmy Preston of Johnson Central

7th Place - Mikey Smith of Moore

8th Place - Jared Whitlock of LaRue County

1st Place Match

Gabriel French (St. Xavier) 29-4, Sr. over Stephen Myers (Campbell County) 62-2, Sr. (Dec 4-3).

3rd Place Match

Gabe Mcilrath (Montgomery County) 53-3, Sr. over Wyatt Courtney (Woodford County) 43-8, Jr. (Dec 8-7).

5th Place Match

Cameron Montgomery (University Heights) 32-4, Sr. over Jimmy Preston (Johnson Central) 48-6, Sr. (Pin 4:23).

7th Place Match

Mikey Smith (Moore) 6-3, So. over Jared Whitlock (LaRue County) 44-10, Sr. (Dec 4-1).

170 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Lane Jones of Walton-Verona

2nd Place - Noah Bauer of St. Xavier

3rd Place - Caleb Canter of LaRue County

4th Place - Johnny Meiman of Ryle

5th Place - Dustin Turner of Campbell County

6th Place - Sam Willbanks of Moore

7th Place - Dj Parriman of McCreary Central

8th Place - Sean Barrett of Southern

1st Place Match

Lane Jones (Walton-Verona) 49-5, Sr. over Noah Bauer (St. Xavier) 40-11, Sr. (Dec 8-3).

3rd Place Match

Caleb Canter (LaRue County) 55-1, Sr. over Johnny Meiman (Ryle) 40-9, Fr. (Dec 8-1).

5th Place Match

Dustin Turner (Campbell County) 51-15, Jr. over Sam Willbanks (Moore) 5-4, Sr. (Dec 4-2).

7th Place Match

Dj Parriman (McCreary Central) 35-6, Sr. over Sean Barrett (Southern) 25-11, Sr. (Dec 12-7).

182 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Hiero Chamblee of Simon Kenton

2nd Place - Brandon Pledger of St. Xavier

3rd Place - Bj Carman of LaRue County

4th Place - Eli Matthews of Campbell County

5th Place - Devin Morrow of Wayne County

6th Place - Sam Steele of Boone County

7th Place - Michael Saunders of Bullitt Central

8th Place - Evan Kenealy of Meade County

1st Place Match

Hiero Chamblee (Simon Kenton) 46-6, Sr. over Brandon Pledger (St. Xavier) 38-6, Sr. (Dec 2-0).

3rd Place Match

Bj Carman (LaRue County) 59-2, Sr. over Eli Matthews (Campbell County) 54-6, So. (Dec 3-1).

5th Place Match

Devin Morrow (Wayne County) 51-4, Jr. over Sam Steele (Boone County) 45-6, Sr. (FF).

7th Place Match

Michael Saunders (Bullitt Central) 32-8, Jr. over Evan Kenealy (Meade County) 35-9, Sr. (Dec 12-11).

195 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Thomas Noe of Southern

2nd Place - Konner Thompson of St. Xavier

3rd Place - Wade Holtsclaw of John Hardin

4th Place - Elijah Miller of Scott

5th Place - Trevor Thompson of Conner

6th Place - Sam Preston of Johnson Central

7th Place - Justin Mcdaniel of Moore

8th Place - Jordan Willenborg of Holy Cross (Louisville)

1st Place Match

Thomas Noe (Southern) 40-3, Sr. over Konner Thompson (St. Xavier) 35-12, Sr. (Dec 12-9).

3rd Place Match

Wade Holtsclaw (John Hardin) 36-2, Sr. over Elijah Miller (Scott) 42-11, So. (Pin 0:57).

5th Place Match

Trevor Thompson (Conner) 36-7, Jr. over Sam Preston (Johnson Central) 50-4, Sr. (FF).

7th Place Match

Justin Mcdaniel (Moore) 6-2, Sr. over Jordan Willenborg (Holy Cross (Louisville)) 26-10, Sr. (Dec 5-0).

220 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Austin Myers of Campbell County

2nd Place - Cameron Mattingly of John Hardin

3rd Place - Anthony Jennings of Fairdale

4th Place - Tucker Fair of Madison Central

5th Place - Tanner Adams of Ashland Blazer

6th Place - Jason Maine of Ryle

7th Place - Tucker Mueller of Simon Kenton

8th Place - Zack Cooper of Henry Clay

1st Place Match

Austin Myers (Campbell County) 59-0, So. over Cameron Mattingly (John Hardin) 33-3, Jr. (Maj 15-7).

3rd Place Match

Anthony Jennings (Fairdale) 37-3, Sr. over Tucker Fair (Madison Central) 27-2, Sr. (Maj 9-1).

5th Place Match

Tanner Adams (Ashland Blazer) 39-6, Sr. over Jason Maine (Ryle) 33-12, Sr. (FF).

7th Place Match

Tucker Mueller (Simon Kenton) 40-13, Fr. over Zack Cooper (Henry Clay) 23-10, Sr. (Pin 5:26).

285 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Bobby Bryant of Trinity (Louisville)

2nd Place - Landon Young of Lafayette

3rd Place - Paul Couch of Madison Central

4th Place - Cody Miskell of Grant County

5th Place - Zach Troxell of Wayne County

6th Place - Alec Mielke of Meade County

7th Place - Kristofer Humphrey of John Hardin

8th Place - Brad Weber of Ryle

1st Place Match

Bobby Bryant (Trinity (Louisville)) 41-1, Sr. over Landon Young (Lafayette) 35-7, Fr. (Maj 11-2).

3rd Place Match

Paul Couch (Madison Central) 30-6, Sr. over Cody Miskell (Grant County) 42-7, Sr. (Dec 3-2).

5th Place Match

Zach Troxell (Wayne County) 49-4, Sr. over Alec Mielke (Meade County) 40-10, Sr. (Maj 13-3).

7th Place Match

Kristofer Humphrey (John Hardin) 38-9, Sr. over Brad Weber (Ryle) 26-16, Sr. (Dec 7-2).

MOW: Gabriel French of St. Xavier


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